FishEng Products offers some of the top solutions for your fishing tackle needs. We have solved a problem most fisherman face when opening up their tackle box and seeing their leaders tangled together. Now with our leaderboards, that is a problem of the past. Keeping your gear organized and tangle free, you can spend more time catching fish instead of untangling your leaders!

Customer Reviews

“I want to tell you all about the awesome customer service I’ve received from Dave Eng of FishEng Products. Purchased a set of their 8” aluminum Rod Extensions for my boat last week. Had them in 2 days and fished them Saturday. Really loved them but realized the bent model would be a much better fit for my boat. Didn’t know if they’d exchange them but decided to shoot Dave an email and ask.
Let me tell you the deal is already done! Never have I had a customer service experience like this. FishEng is an absolute pleasure to do business with and I’ll be a customer for life.
The rod holder extensions I bought are the absolute bomb! Very, very sturdy. Really, happy to do business with a NW company who sells quality products.”
Chris Strasbourg

”FishEng Products leader boards are a must have in my boat, they are the only way to store Super Baits as well as leaders without getting memory in the line. The smaller sizes also make storing my steelhead and walleye jigs painless and allows me to see what I have without having to dig through a pile of hooks”
TJ Hester - Hester’s Guide Service

”FishEng Leader boards are all I use now! With the selection of sizes, I am able to find one for every need I have. The largest size is absolutely the best option for Brad’s Superbaits, the medium size is perfect for my mooching rigs, and you cant beat the small size for jig storage and bead leaders. Pair any size with a matching Plano box and you never have to worry about keeping things secured again. I love it!”
Cameron Westphal - Team Dusky

Facebook Reviews

”Great product that helps anglers stay organized and the owner is a great person!”

”Great Product!!! And Great people!!!!”

”All-star product, owner is a class act. A must have!”

”Great solution to keeping your leaders neat and easy to get to!”